Business Excellence in EU and Romania. EFQM as a competitiveness roadmap

On the 19th of June, Gianluca Mule, COO of EFQM, was in Bucharest for a conference at the Chamber of Commerce under the umbrella of the Romanian presidency of the EU council.

Jaspers (EIB) and Spirit (Slovenian competitiveness agency) also shared their EFQM stories. JASPERS, as a joint initiative between EU and EIB, has been using the EFQM model as a strategic framework to identify critical gaps, prioritise key changes and accelerate pragmatic improvements. Spirit presented their Business Excellence Strategy approach approved by the Slovenian Government with the objective of increasing the competitiveness of the country in all its aspects.

EFQM’s presentation focused on EFQM as a competitiveness roadmap and our offering and value for Romanian organisations and institutions.

EFQM’s partners provide support for organisations throughout Europe, using the standard EFQM tools and trainings. Together, we can effectively identify and share good practices and new ways of working, across countries, industries and sectors.

The 4 key elements to retain from this presentation are that we can help with:

  1. Improving the efficiency and sustainability of fund processes

The EU faces the complexity of funding programmes across the continent and beyond. Improving the efficiency and sustainability and reducing the complexity of such programmes is a big priority

  1. Supporting Romanian organisation to embed a stakeholder and performance based approach in order to sstrengthen the management culture within Romanian organisations and introducing business fundamentals in SMEs

The EU faces the challenge of an unbalanced level and extent of management culture across the continent. Securing a sufficient level of management culture is deployed in a number of EU countries is a top priority

  1. Sparking the innovation potential

The UE faces the competition of global economies, some of which presenting high level of innovation. Sparking a culture for innovation and support organisations to embed innovation is a top priority across the continent

We encourage the Romanian institutions in their period of Presidency of the Council of EU to consider our proposals and exploit our know-how. Under the presidency of the Council, Romania can lead on this and pilot a new collaboration.

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