Congratulations Bosch Rexroth SpA for being Recognised for Excellence 4 star!

Bosch Rexroth SpA successfully achieved Recognised For Excellence 4 Star in January 2019! 

The Italian sales subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth has been able – over the years – to profoundly embed its ambition for excellence into its strategy, its people and its systems.

A fast moving, constantly evolving organisation, effectively lead by a clear-cut strategic focus and a leadership team able to mobilise all human potential behind it.

Its performance management system and its process digitalisation appear to be role model in terms of flexibility, usability and constant implementation, enabling leaders to successfully drive the organisations and its highly involved and talented people throughout market evolutions.

The outstanding growth of its business results is a clear consequence of the management’s ability in setting and keeping the direction and the effectiveness of execution through the engagement of its people.


Congratulation to Bosch Rexroth SpA! 

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