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At EFQM, our mission is to improve the performance of organisations and their ability to manage change and transformation.

Addressing the very real issues facing today’s modern organisations, EFQM offers data-driven, analysis-based tools to give organisations meaningful insights and stakeholder support, empowering them in their journey towards transformation. 

We provide a looking glass for organisations and individuals to examine where they are and shine a spotlight on where action is required.

The New EFQM Model

Powering our portfolio of services, the EFQM Model is a globally recognised management and assessment framework


Our Areas of Focus

To drive organisational change and performance improvement, we connect, facilitate, recognise and inform individuals and organisations alike to progress through innovative thinking, learning and development that – combined – creates sustainable outcomes.


Using cutting-edge technology to connect the dots for individuals and organisations alike, we create a unique environment in which you can share, learn and collaborate.

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To help you to progress to the next level of performance, we look holistically across your entire enterprise to enable organisations deliver sustainable results and create an adaptive culture.


By celebrating organisations and individuals which adopt the EFQM philosophy, we provide a global platform for peer recognition and support.


To help organisations continuously build and evolve, we share emerging ideas and innovative thinking, leading the conversation through fresh insights and perspectives.

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